We would like you to know a little about our group of dollmakers.

The group was founded by Judy Warren in 2000.

She thought it would be a great idea for all her doll making friends and customers to get together to exchange porcelain doll making methods. So she started a mailing list and invited all her net doll making friends to join.

From there it has grown and blossomed into a Network of doll makers all contributing their ideas, questions and answers to many common and not so common doll making problems.

But more important then that, we have become a group of close friends, separated only by the miles between us.

We share our laughs and tears, and have a lot of fun.

We have lots of features to our group as well, to help us stay close and share information and fun.

We have
An Information Site
And A Business Site
Egroup mailing lists
PDMN Webrings

All of these features help to build a strong group
of friends and support to all doll makers

If you would like to become a member
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If you would like to join our Network,

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