(Frequently Asked Questions)


What do I need to get started?

Are there books or videos available to learning how to make porcelain dolls?

Where do I get supplies?


Do I need to strain the slip before using it?

Does it matter how fast I pour the slip in?

How thick should the greenware be?

How long do I let the slip stay in the mold before pouring out the excess?

How long do I let the molds drain before I can open them?

Do I have to do anything to the greenware before I let it dry?


Can I clean the seams while it is still wet?

How long does the greenware need to dry before I can clean it?

How do I clean greenware?

How do I clean SFGW?

What is the advantage of SFGW vs Greenware?


What are cones and witness cones?

What cone do I use for a bisque fire?

What cone do I use for a china paint fire?

How many times can a piece be fired?

Can I put my pieces right on the shelf?

How do I use prop?

How do I use sand?

Do I fire with the plug holes open or closed?

How long does a bisque or china paint fire take?

How long before I can open the kiln after a fire?

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