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The high fire glaze is a glaze, not an under glaze or one stroke. The high fire glaze fires to a cone 6 and the low fire glaze to a cone 05-06. This is a glaze that is used on top of the Earthenware or Porcelain as well as any decorative work done in
under glazes or One-Strokes. Under glazes are just that ~ under the glaze and normally are applied to greenware, whether Earthenware or Porcelain.
One-Strokes are concentrated under glazes and can be applied to greenware or bisque. Glazes, whether colored or transparent, are applied as the finished glaze or 'glass-like' finish that is applied to the bisque and fired. High fire glazes, which are still made, are fired to a cone 5 or 6 on porcelain or stoneware. Low fire glazes are used for Earthenware and can also be applied to Porcelain ware. The low firing glazes are fired to a cone 05-06. Sandy
is going to use a high fire glaze to glaze her tea set, as that is the only type of glaze Emily has. That has to be fired to a cone 5 or 6. If there was a Ceramic Shop nearby, she could use the low-fire glaze like Sue is planning on using and that would be a cone 05-06 firing. I had a gallon of the high-fire glaze and requested an exchange for the low-fire glaze as the
difference in firing temperatures was not necessary for any of the porcelain figurines I might want to glaze. Over the glaze products are any products that are applied to the finished, glazed piece. China paints can be considered an over-the-glaze product along with all the fire on metallic, lustres and fire on decals. They are all fired to a very low firing temperature, varying between 020-017. Lustres, such as Mother Of Pearl and Opal, are just beautiful over a fired on gold.

I forgot to mention earlier, regarding glazing in the greenware stage. I am not sure about most glazes and would fire most at 04 to 06, but I use Duncan EZ strokes or Concepts to paint my teeth on porcelain greenware and fire to cone 6.
It works just fine as long as it isn't applied to thickly. If it is too thick, sometimes the glaze will run at 6. For tea sets, I think I would do the bisque firing without glaze.

I used Duncan low fire glaze and fired at 04, is that OK?? It seems that it fired fine. I'm working on the jester, by Klowns by Kay, and I used the glaze on the dots and stars, and Duncan black e-z strokes on the shoes and the outlines on the eyes, etc. It says to put the glaze on the shoes after painting them, and should I fire back at 04, will it hurt any thing else??
Thanks, Rita. I have never painted like this before, always used China paints, even on my Dutch dolls shoes, it just takes a lot longer!!

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