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To Judith's Porcelain Creations & More

Hello I'm Judith Warren.  
I live  in Ontario Canada.  

You will find many beautiful dolls to order

I have a new page with comments from satisfied customers

Customer Comments

You can also check out my photo albums of the many dolls I have created for other customers.  The albums are listed below in the links, on the right


What's New!

I have listed some "Ready to Dress" dolls & painted kits, that are available now.  Click Here to see them!

I have a new Gallery Page with samples of my work for you to order from Doll Gallery

Sold Dolls: for examples of dolls to order Click Here to see them

I also have made pages with the patterns available for me to dress your doll. Click Here to See Them





To order email me at


All prices listed are in US funds

My Policies  


I am in the process of updating my pages.

New pricing will apply no matter what pricing is on the page.

Thank you for your patience



Ladies, teens and children in the large size will only be available in kits, ready to dress or dressed dolls. I have many in stock that I will try to have available in pictures soon.

If you have a request for a particular doll email me, as I have lots of dolls ready to put together.

I will give a discount on multiple orders


Doll Gallery- Samples of dolls to order

Slide Show

Dolls For Sale-Ready to Dress or Kits 

Baby Index 


Small Dolls

Young Ladies


Bisque Index

Special Items



NEW ! Patterns for you to choose from:

These are not for sale, only for dressing dolls you order

I will have patterns for sale soon.


Wigs & Shoes

Miniature Album 

Ladies Photo Album

Bride Look A Like 

Look A Likes Album 

Children's Photo Album  


Christmas Ideas


Link to http://www.jwporcelaincreations.com

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